Best SharePoint Migration Software Products

Many Xgility customers ask us for advice on which SharePoint migration product they should purchase.  Others call us after they are having trouble migrating and ask if they purchased the wrong software product.  We counsel our customers that, due to customizations, SharePoint migrations are much more complicated than upgrading to the latest version of Windows or even Exchange.   SharePoint migrations can be closer in complexity to a ERP upgrade than upgrading to the latest version of windows.

We recommend that organizations contract with a SPDS Certified Microsoft partner, such as Xgility, to provide a pre-migration assessment.  In many cases, the assessment can be completely funded by Microsoft programs.  A migration assessment will help scope the level of effort, build a project and migration plan, and help determine if your organization will require outside help.  Our recommendation will be based on features that have been deprecated, whether or not a change in information architecture is needed, connections with third party systems, use of JavaScript, custom code, as well as third party solutions installed.

If no changes in information architecture are required and you plan to upgrade directly to the next version, you may not need a migration tool.  One exception might be if your organization is considering a hybrid cloud architecture.  Our team recommends conducting a pre-migration assessment before purchasing a tool.  A pre-migration assessment along with a migration plan, will help guide you to the right tool.  The migration experts at Xgility have used all of the major SharePoint migration tools.  Below are reviews of our four favorite tools…

  1. Content Matrix (Metalogix) – In our opinion, this is the most full-featured SharePoint migration product. Metalogix positions Content Matrix as the leading product for SharePoint server (On Premises) to SharePoint server migrations.  It has a robust functionality desired by senior SharePoint consultants such as PowerShell, migration compare, and other advanced features.  Less experienced users might find these features unnecessary, but these may be required in a complex environment.  Content Matrix is priced per gigabyte and can be purchased separately or in conjunction with security and backup products.  In our experience, a large purchase with several products will likely be discounted.  Metalogix products can be purchased from Metalogix or one of their resellers, such as Xgility.
  1. ShareGate – Customers like ShareGate for their simplicity, attractive pricing, and ease of doing business. They list their pricing for their ShareGate lite, ShareGate online, and customers who want to migrate Nintex workflows need to call for pricing.  Customers wanting to purchase can either buy online or from a reseller, such as Xgility.  ShareGate prices their product by user.  If a customer has more than a few hundred gigabytes of data, we recommend that customers consider purchasing a 5 pack as it is more cost effective than buying one copy and purchasing more at a later date.  ShareGate was the cheapest solution on the market, but since they added permissions management, they have increased their pricing. 
  1. Essentials for Office 365 (Metalogix) Essentials for Office 365 migrator is part of the suite of products Metalogix acquired from MetaVis in 2016. Metalogix positions this suite as the preferred tool for customers moving to Office 365.  In the past, MetaVis was also offered as an OEM product by Dell/Quest.  The product can be licensed separately, but Metalogix will likely try to offer a deal on the entire suite so your organizations can manage your Office 365 post migration.  Typically the suite is licensed based on gigabytes and the number of users. 
  1. AvePoint DocAve – DocAve Migrator is part of a full suite of products offered by AvePoint. AvePoint products are offered directly by AvePoint and their resellers.  This has been sold in the past through OEM relationships with NetApp and Hitachi Data Systems.  The best customers for AvePoint would be a customer wanting to deploy their entire Suite of SharePoint tools.  In our experience, they offer heavy discounts for large deals where the customer will purchase the entire suite.

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Author: Kurt Greening

Editors: Alex Finkel and Dheepa Iyer