Top Budgeting Mistakes When Comparing Office 365 to SharePoint and Exchange On-Premises

Under-Estimating the Cost of SharePoint 2016 On-Premises This is the most common mistake I see.  First, many information technology managers forget that SharePoint 2016 does not have a foundation license and therefore will need to purchase Standard or Enterprise client access licenses.  Second, information technology managers should budget for four or five servers to install […]

Slack vs Office 365 Groups

Communication through email is vital in every organization.  However, sometimes email can be quite distracting to what is most urgent and important.  This is why services such as Slack and Office 365 Groups were created.  Slack launched back in August of 2013 and has had exponential growth since.  In just 6 months, Slack reached over […]

InfoPath and SharePoint Designer Replacements: What Are My Options?

Our managed services team frequently gets asked about options to replace InfoPath and SharePoint Designer.  InfoPath forms libraries still work in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016, but many of our customers are looking to decrease their use of InfoPath in SharePoint due to the long-term roadmap.  SharePoint Designer 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows also […]

Column Functionality – Interaction with Key Filters, Search, InfoPath List Forms, and Lookup Availability

Overview: This post details the differences in functionality between the four column types:  Lookup, Managed Metadata, Single Line of Text (SLT), and Multiple Lines of Text (MLT). A lookup is a way to create a relationship between two lists.   For instance a site adminstrator might want to be able to select from a list of […]

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Document Management System

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a leading vendor in the enterprise content management market.  There are also other document management solutions that have been successfully used in the past including those from Oracle (WebCenter), IBM (FileNet/Lotus Domino), and OpenText.  Some of our customers have chosen to configure SharePoint as an enterprise document management solution and others have […]

Content Query Web Part and Links – Navigation Solution

Overview: This post details how to use a Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and a list to create a more visually appealing link solution for a site’s welcome page, or another web page in the site.  This solution may be useful for site owners and designers who are still working in a SharePoint 2010 environment.  […]

Security, Information Protection, and Governance in the Cloud

Trust in the cloud continues to grow as the capabilities of the cloud mature, in some cases, beyond what IT teams could accomplish On-Premise. Information Protection Take Windows Rights Management Services for example.  First introduced in Windows Server 2003, it gave administrators the ability to enforce company policy directly in file servers, emails, and documents […]

Why is Enterprise Software Underutilized?

With the megatrends of cloud computing and managed services transforming IT, why is Enterprise Software still underutilized?  Wall Street continues to report the quarterly market growth of Amazon,, and Microsoft’s cloud business but the journey to the cloud for customers to realize the value of software as a service continues to lag.  Here are […]

Office 365 vs SharePoint Server and Exchange Server

Is migrating to the cloud the best option? As you are most likely aware, the information technology industry has been going through a transformation from software installed on servers in your office to services that run from massive, global datacenters.  As consumers, we went from buying books in stores to downloading them as eBooks and […]

Best SharePoint Migration Software Products

Many Xgility customers ask us for advice on which SharePoint migration product they should purchase.  Others call us after they are having trouble migrating and ask if they purchased the wrong software product.  We counsel our customers that, due to customizations, SharePoint migrations are much more complicated than upgrading to the latest version of Windows […]

There is No Document Information Panel in Word 2016

On Tuesday, we conducted a demo and showed the Microsoft Cloud productivity experience for a City government.  The envisioning session showed them the art of the possible including Office 365, SharePoint for ECM (Enterprise Content Management), and Office Pro Plus. In our SharePoint demos we talk about how important it is to the user experience to create documents in SharePoint versus creating documents outside of SharePoint, including uploading and […]

Microsoft OneNote vs. the Legal Pad

The Microsoft Office Suite is full of some fantastic applications and features that enable users to collaborate and be as productive as possible.  Few individuals take advantage of all the features available with Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.  Even fewer business users understand how SharePoint and the Microsoft cloud tie all of these applications together to […]

Office 365 Updates are on the way, early look

Customers who have a managed services agreement with Xgility experience a proactive approach to information architecture, governance, and adoption of new technologies in Office 365.  Our team keeps an eye on what is coming down the road in Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies to ensure that you can be ready to take advantage of […]

Cloud and Mobile Device Security and Protection

Are you using cloud applications?  Are you concerned about security? There are several good solutions on the market for single sign-on, mobile device management and data loss prevention. In 2015, Gartner named AirWatch to the top right magic quadrant for mobile device management. Our customers have also used Okta, Ping, Centrify and IAMCloud for Indenity and Access Management including single sign-on (SSO). While Okta, AirWatch and […]

7 Ways City and County Governments use SharePoint and Office 365

Almost all city and county governments we have spoken with have moved or are planning to migrate their email to Office 365.  Most are interested in other features of Office 365 but don’t know where to start.  Others might be concerned about security.  Below are 7 ways City and County Governments use Office 365. Community […]