Creating Excel Surveys in Office 365

Are you looking for a way to take a survey of people in your office, customers, or partners?  While there are many ways to accomplish this with SharePoint and other SaaS technologies, this is a simple way to get survey results if you are not a SharePoint power user.

The image below is what a survey would like from your browser.  We have used Excel surveys to collect user stories from large organizations where we could not collect all of them in person.

Creating Excel Surveys Office 365 SharePoint


The transcript from this video is below…

Hello again, it’s the SharePoint Experts from Xgility here to give you another tip to help you achieve transformational results in your business. Today I will be talking to you about a feature known as Excel Surveys in Office 365. Frequently the folks at Xgility design forms for our customers for use in SharePoint. Many customers are coming to us with questions about InfoPath and also asking us for ways for them to develop simple forms without the use of SharePoint Designer or other more complex tools.

This example is how you can create an easy survey using the Excel Survey feature in Office 365 or your OneDrive. You’ll start out by browsing to your OneDrive, clicking on new document, and then clicking on Excel Survey. You’ll be asked to give your file a name.

The next step is to add your questions. You simply go in and click on, “Add your first question,” and you can answer a question yes or no. You can provide choices, text, or a paragraph of text. Then simply go through and add questions you think are important to your survey. At the end you’ll be asked to share your survey.

If you’d like a link for what a completed survey is going to look like to the user getting the link, you can contact us and we can give you a quick example of an Excel Survey.

In the last step you’ll be able to open your Excel workbook and see the results of your survey and in this case, you can see a sample survey that we created. Questions related to requirements for SharePoint, and yes this does work on any browser including an iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac. You can use this Excel file either to show the results in a beautiful graph to the folks in your department or you can see this data in real-time. This Microsoft Excel file is like any other file in your OneDrive and you can choose to share it or give it permissions, just like any other document in your OneDrive, SharePoint online, or in Office 365.

I want to thank you for your time today. This has been the SharePoint experts from Xgility here to give you another tip to help you achieve transformational results in your business. If you have questions about Excel Surveys or need help with Office 365 or SharePoint, feel free to contact us.


Author: Kurt Greening

Editor: Alex Finkel