Document Scanning Solutions for SharePoint Online

The ability to integrate a scanning solution with SharePoint is a requirement for organizations looking to move a large number of paper documents to SharePoint online.  These solutions provide a way of sending a document or a batch of documents directly to a SharePoint Online document library.  Several solutions exist including PSIGEN, Ephesoft, Xerox, and KnowledgeLake Capture.

KnowledgeLake has one of the most popular scanning solutions.  Our team recently used it to build a proof of concept for a company to scan lease documents into Office 365 (SharePoint Online).  Several other Xgility customers are using this software for large scale scanning projects.

KnowledgeLake Capture provides a scanning solution for adding documents to SharePoint Online.  Along with scanning, Capture provides options for image enhancement, barcode detection, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), that create searchable PDF files of the scanned documents.

 The Capture software accesses SharePoint Online, using the Office 365 Sign-In credentials to connect Capture with the SharePoint Online tenant.


The Capture workstation provides the user with a multi-pane work area for scanning, reviewing, indexing, and releasing the documents to SharePoint Online.  Many types of scanners are supported by Knowledge Lake, including Multi-function Printers (MFPs), and Dedicated Scanning Devices connected to a workstation via USB.  For our purposes, we used a HP Officejet Pro 6830 e-All-in-One Printer/Scanner connected via USB to the workstation.

Please note, the figure below shows how the required metadata fields in SharePoint are selectable by the person performing the scanning.  For more about how metadata assists with search and sorting of documents in SharePoint, see this video that shows how to use SharePoint for contracts management.


The Capture OCR Engine Agent automatically creates a searchable PDF file after a document or batch of documents have been successfully scanned.

The user interacts with the scanned documents using the Batch Pane to select the document and the Scanned Document Pane to review the scanned documents.

The user updates the SharePoint Online document library information, for this example, the Document Title and the Contract Date, which is required.

Once the user clicks the Accept button in the Document Index Pane, the document is added to the Contract library.

In additional to the Capture solution for workstations, KnowledgeLake offers a server version for high volume scanning and indexing.  While this is not the only solution on the market, KnowledgeLake offers a trusted option to help your organization move paper files into SharePoint.


If you have questions about SharePoint, document scanning, or need custom training for your organization, please contact us.



Author:  John Humen

Editors:  Kurt Greening and Alex Finkel