Microsoft 365 Strategy Pays Off: A Customer Transformation Success Story [Recorded Webinar]

Listen to our recent webinar to hear one of our clients – the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) – share their Microsoft 365 strategy transformation success story.

The speakers:

  • JoAnna Battin, Director of Strategy & Advisory Services at Xgility
  • Thomas Lyons, Chief Information Officer at ASM
  • Jerry Cruz, Manager, Network Operations & Support at ASM
  • Kevin Gauthier, IT Project Manager at ASM

JoAnna and the ASM team share how Xgility’s strategy-first methodology – along with critical planning, change management, culture change, and adoption activities – drove real change and transformation across their organization – while empowering both the IT department and employees along the way.

Let’s Dive into Key Highlights from the Discussion:

First, you’ll quickly find out that this isn’t your normal software implementation project.

JoAnna and the ASM team break down the three phases of their Microsoft 365 initiative – the strategic planning engagement, rollout stages, and ongoing adoption activities – to discuss the impact on the IT team and employees, lessons learned along the way, and how the power of critical planning paved the way for the future success.

Here are some of the key highlights from the inspiring discussion:

  • Upfront planning is critical for long-term success and keeps everyone – including the IT team, C-Suite, and employees – on the same page.
  • Look at how each department works and have employees explain how they store files, collaborate, and communicate.
  • The power of words and definitions can’t be underestimated when it comes to processes and how to use applications like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business – especially since both do similar things.
  • Ongoing change management is key. Getting buy-in from employees is critical to help drive adoption and overcome resistance to new technologies.
  • Empower your employees to be part of the process including the Advisory Committee and Ambassador Program.
  • Ongoing communication is crucial.  Provide clear guidance around processes, expectations, deadlines, and drive excitement.
  • Providing onboarding and “How To” materials in the Knowledge Hub was a powerful way to help prepare employees to use Teams, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint in a consistent manner – empowering them to be self-sufficient while removing the burden from the IT team and Help Desk.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of FOMO to help drive adoption.

Listen to the webinar to learn more – especially how to get buy-in from leadership – and find out why now’s the time to ensure your workforce has the right mix of streamlined processes and applications to do their best work or risk having them leave.

Our Team is Here to Help

At Xgility, we know that rolling out new technologies – especially Microsoft 365 and its business applications – is no easy task for both the IT Team and end-users. And with new technologies comes change – and we all know change isn’t easy. When new technology initiatives aren’t done right, it can lead to low adoption, shadow IT, unsecured data, and frustration all around.

That’s why our team takes a different approach – fusing both technology and user-centric decisions – to help our clients truly change the way their employees collaborate and communicate with the right tools while setting their IT teams up for future success.

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