There is No Document Information Panel in Word 2016

On Tuesday, we conducted a demo and showed the Microsoft Cloud productivity experience for a City government.  The envisioning session showed them the art of the possible including Office 365, SharePoint for ECM (Enterprise Content Management), and Office Pro Plus.

In our SharePoint demos we talk about how important it is to the user experience to create documents in SharePoint versus creating documents outside of SharePoint, including uploading and tagging them with Metadata.  We may do this through content types, templates, forms, or workflows.

As part of the demo, we showed some slides of managed Metadata, Content Types, and The Document information panel in Word.  Since we use Office Pro Plus 2016, I noticed that there is no longer an option to show the document information panel in a content type based on a Word document.  In most cases you will accomplish this functionality by editing properties from the Office Application.

Office 365 Microsoft Word Document Information Properties Panel

The Document Information Panel did take up a lot of real estate in the document.  It is still possible to build templates in Word that create a document such as an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Offer Letter or Employee Review.  It is not possible to show the document information panel anymore, time to revise the demo!  There is always something new and exciting from Microsoft.

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Author: Kurt Greening

Editor: Alex Finkel