Why Can’t I Download this Presentation from OneDrive?

OneDrive for Business is part of Office 365 and is the modern replacement for the User Share (H:/users/user) on the old file server. OneDrive for business is a cloud-based application used to store and manage online and offline documents.  One Drive is part of the Office 365 collaboration features which include user storage, groups, team sites, intranet sites, and the records center.  OneDrive has many of the features found in SharePoint sites, but should not be used where governance or records management is required or in place of team sites.

I would like to share a story with you about a customer.  Recently, we shared a link to an online PowerPoint presentation with a customer.  The customer replied and said that he could not download this presentation and was not sure why.  He was not able to download this presentation because it was stored on our OneDrive and we chose to give him a “view only” link to restrict downloading.

When sharing a document with someone through OneDrive, you will have several options.

  • “Invite People” – Enter name(s) or email(s) of the people you want to share the document with.  When using this option, you can choose to enable these people to either view or edit the document, restricting access to certain people. This also includes an option to “require sign-in.”

Share - Invite People

  • “Get a Link” – You can choose from a variety of options for the type of link you would like to “get.”
    • Choose “Restricted Link” so that only specific people can open the link.
    • Choose “View Link” either requiring an account with your organization or no sign-in required. The user will only be able to view this document.
    • Choose “Edit Link” either requiring an account with your organization or no sign-in required. The user will be able to view and edit this document.

Get a Link

The key to allowing the user to download the document is to require sign-in and giving them editing rights.  These two options will allow the user to edit in the desktop application and save their own copy.

These various out-of-the-box sharing options on OneDrive ensure that your documents are secure.  For more information on governance consideration with OneDrive for enterprise data see this article.  For additional information on protecting your organization against data leakage PII, HIPAA, or security, see the video Azure Rights management, a component of EMS.

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Author: Alex Finkel

Editor: Kurt Greening